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year of emily

January 1, 2015


Here we go.

HAPPY 2015!

Best wishes to YOU. Go on, and have courage. Give it all you got.


love happens …

February 14, 2014

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This post was going to be one of two things.

A snarky comment to all valentine-haters (you know who they are), and what a waste of energy it is to be grumpy about life. 

I had a whole love poem written—trying my best to capture what LOVE means… tall order.

But then, life happened, and just in the last three days I’ve been shown many ways love happens in our lives—both directly or indirectly.

Love happens in loss.
Love happens in sharing.
Love happens in laughter.
Love happens in tears.
Many, many tears.
Love happens in a smile.
Love happens in a “How are you doing?” and have someone wait for the answer.
Love happens in the support you get from those you love, and who love you.
Love happens in the quiet moments you open your heart, and allow all that light you’ve been trying to keep away, to just come inside and fill you up.

For me, love happens in prayer.
It happens when I allow Jesus to guide me.
It happens when I surrender it all to Him.
It happens when I question something, and He responds in the sweetest ways—never with harsh tones, but through the most gorgeous encounters with people in my life.
That’s what love is to me.

So whichever your definition or state of love is today, this week, this month… know that you are loved. You are loved.

You are so loved, my darling.


Johnny Flynn — Einstein’s Idea (A lullaby he wrote for this little boy, Gabriel.) 

let it begin

January 11, 2014


How are we doing, fine people of… well, I don’t know where you are, but I hope life is going good.

Things are moving along (and fast), on my end. I’m working at a new place, keeping up with extracurricular activities here and there, and trying to get some personal projects started—so, it’s a pretty exciting time to say the least! I just wish I could sleep a bit more… I’m tired, but sleep isn’t coming easy lately, and when it does it’s filled with annoying nightmares. Oh joy! But enough of that, how about we get started with some fun shares? You in? Ok, here it goes.


dreamy tune.
I’m a huge Wally De Backer fan, so I was happy to find this song last month/year in collaboration with Spender (writer and producer). Very beautiful lyrics, and sweetly performed as always. 



This has to be my favorite song from Queen B’s latest album. I think it may be the most important song on that entire album. What do you think? Listen up.

Beyonce — Pretty Hurts


nerd alert.
Sherlock starts back up again on the 19th of January, on PBS, and I CANNOT WAIT. Are you a fan? Have you seen this mini episode? Watch: Many Happy Returns.


beautiful tune.
Mr. James Vincent McMorrow is releasing his new album Post Tropical, next week (Jan. 14th). “Red Dust” is just a gorgeous track. Chills. Give it a listen.


Feliz Año Nuevo! May you have a wonderful and rewarding new year.


up in flames

December 19, 2013


Hello there!

Long time no post. Yikes.
Lots of exciting things happening on this end, which have left me super busy and unable to focus on this blog. Sad, sad. Lets remedy that by sharing some music, shall we?

I’m here to share a playlist, filled with songs I’ve been listening to for the last two months. Are you ready? Duh, of course you are. 


Lorde — Tennis Court
Completely obsessed with her album, Pure Heroine.


Lily & Madeleine — Come To Me
Absolutely love these girls. Really hoping to see them live in the new year.


The Saint Johns — Your Head & Your Heart
Love, love, love. That is all.


The Weather Machine — Back O’er Oregon
Incredible video of our pretty Oregon. My buddy Slater travel far and wide for this, and the results are lovely.


Hozier — Take Me To Church
Very haunting and beautiful.


Paper Route — Say My Name (Destiny’s Child cover)
PR has been doing pretty rad covers lately, and this one just takes me back to my HS years. Too awesome.


White Lies — Bigger Than Us
Oldie but goodie. This is one of the first WL songs I heard, and still my favorite. 


Happy Thursday y’all!


… then it’s gone

October 17, 2013


Hey there.
Here are some songs you should hear.
Yeah, that about covers it.




Grizfolk — The Struggle

Saw them live in September. Great sound, rad guys, good stuff.


David Ramirez — Ball and Chain (featuring Amy Stroup)

He can do no wrong. Lovely song, and it’s great to hear Amy.


Paper Route — Royals (Lorde cover)

Loving what the guys did with this song. Pretty rad cover.


The Civil Wars — Dust To Dust

I just love them. That is all.


Johnny Flynn — Country Mile

New album. More songs. Oh, and llamas of course. YES please.


Alex Day — Good Morning Sunshine

Because we all need a random, happy, uplifting song, with incredibly goofy dancing in it. Duh.




let the words fall out

August 6, 2013

photo (3)

Happy Tuesday people of Earth!

Found this post in my draft folder.
Original intended publish date was May 31. Whoops.
Nonetheless, the sentiment is still the same.
Really praying for lots of bravery lately. Bravery to make decisions to move forward, to know when I need to ask for help, and to just put one’s self on the line for what we want out of life.

Sara Bareilles — Brave

bear love

August 5, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hope y’all had a great, relaxing, productive, lazy, fun, weekend. I got lots of things done, like projects, laundry, reading and decided on important life issues. You know, normal weekend stuff.

Here’s a song, to get your week started. What are you listening to, today?



I’ve played this tune over and over. It comes from the lovely Andrew Belle. “Pieces” (released in July) is the first single from his upcoming album Bear (August 20). Can’t wait!

Also, I’m pretty excited he’s coming back to Portland. I’ve missed him the last couple of times he’s been in town, and after a few years of being a big fan of his music, I’m happy to get another chance at a live a show. He’ll be at Mississippi Studios (my favorite venue) on Tuesday, the 27th. You should check him out. Trust me.

Andrew Belle — Pieces

dreamy mondays

July 29, 2013



This means two things: I’m either daydreaming about the weekend, or in full lets-get-things-done mode. Or perhaps a little bit of both. Either way…

Here are some loud and upbeat tunes, ready to help you battle those Monday blues.



Tom Odell — Hold Me


White Lies — There Goes Our Love Again


Paramore — Still Into You

What are you listening to?

Lets Rewind: Paper Route (10.18.12)

July 28, 2013

As the saying goes, it’s better late than never—so, in the days to come, I’ll be posting photos of past shows—I’m taking Fall 2012 to present. YEP. Hope you enjoy them!


Lets start with my favorite boys, Paper Route.


PR toured with Switchfoot last year, and so they visited Portland in mid October. They were incredible of course, and gave their whole hearts to us that night. If you’ve been to a Paper Route show, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are some photos from the night. Even thought it was last Fall, just looking at them makes me go back in time and remember every song, every face in the crowd, and every laugh we shared after the show. I love those guys.





























As always, it was wonderful to see the guys, after the show. For a while, I just stood to the side and watched everybody interact with them. People at the merch table, getting autographs and high-fives, taking photos with the guys, and just talking about how much they enjoyed their set. I love those little moments.

I appreciated catching up with each one of them. I’ve always loved how they ask how you’re doing, and what  you’ve been up to. I don’t see them often, but when I do, they just blow me away with their kindness, love and generosity.


I heart you, Paper Route. You guys are and continue to be such a bright light.


fall right back to you

July 25, 2013

I’ve been gone for far too long. I suppose I could tell you I was on a two month trip in Europe, or vacationing on some tropical island. But alas, I’ve just been up-to-my-eyeballs busy, with both work and other fun things.

With that said, I’ve missed this space, and posting about lovely music I’ve come across. So, here we go.


Here are some of the songs I’ve been playing in the last month. Melancholic, uplifting, energetic, relaxing, or just purely fun and silly— there’s a little bit of everything, for every mood of the day. 


Marc Anthony — Vivir Mi Vida


Tom Odell — Another Love


One Direction — One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)


The Civil Wars — The One That Got Away


Zedd — Clarity (ft. Foxes)