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paper route in oregon

May 13, 2009


The day started pretty early, I didn’t even have to hit the snooze button more than once. When I am excited/nervous about something, I tend to put my body in it’s-go-time mode. I forget that I’m hungry, or tired… only that I’m very thirsty, and that my leg shakes worst than usual.

It was a bit hard to focus at work, to be honest, but I did get a lot done on my projects. Once it was time to head up to Portland, I knew this was actually happening. I kept in touch with Mo, letting each other know when we were getting there, and where to meet up. I luckily didn’t get lost while driving in Portland (it happens at least once every single time I visit), and found parking a couple of blocks from the venue. The short walk helped to calm the nerves down, and take a deep breath. I was about to meet the coolest band I know.

collage copy

While we were in line waiting to get in, I noticed a couple of the guys were talking to some fans. I wanted to say hello then, but figured I would get my turn later. Once inside, we saw Chad doing sound check and JT walking around, so we went up to him and said hello.

Ok… here’s where I about lost it. I couldn’t believe I was introducing myself, and he knew who I was. We talked about their day in Portland, and how much they liked it here! They went to Powell’s bookstore (great choice!), and walked out with some goodies. Next, we met Gavin. He was just getting done with his dinner, as we walked up to say hello. He remembered me too! We talked about cities, food, he beating everyone at pool and of course, how excited we were to see them live! We made a deal to catch up after they were done with their set. We got say a quick hello to Chad as well! Wow, even as I’m typing this, I can’t believe this actually happened. ha!



Here’s MoMo and I… waiting for our friends Erin and Darrin, and hoping the two acts before PR would hurry up already! I feel dumb now, I didn’t get a photo of the four of us at the show… honestly, I could barely think straight about anything all night.


They opened the show with Wish, and I about fell over with joy. As I was singing along, off key I’m sure, at the top of my lungs… I couldn’t help but giggle and think, “wow, they are really here.”


Here’s JT doing his thing! He’s so fun to watch live, I love the energy these guys have on stage. It’s contagious. I, for one, couldn’t keep still. Arms weren’t folded once… that was for you Gavin! hehe.



A pretty neat thing, was how freaking talented these guys are by playing a number of different instruments, throughout their set. That is one of the reason I fell in love with their music way back when, because of the diversity in their sound. And it just keeps getting better. Observation: Chad is tall!


You Kill Me is pretty much my song of choice to rock out to. The lyrics are so honest, heartbreaking, and beautiful, all in one. I freaked out when they started to play it. I wasn’t sure how much of their old tracks they were going to do on this tour, and I was immensely happy to hear this one in particular made it. The breakdown, jam session, awesomeness at its finest, or better known as the instrumental interlude, always gets me. Brilliant.


Andy’s lap steel was a highlight for me. Such a rad looking instrument. The live rendition of Dance On Our Graves… uhmm… pretty much amazing. I really connected with it while listening to it live, so on my way back home I had to play it a few times over. Gorgeous lyrics.

They closed with Carousel. Talk about leaving on a high note! That song is another fantastic, melodic genius. And there’s a chance, possibly… maybe… that I freaked a little bit, and started happy jumping when they announced it. I know what you’re thinking… and yes, I’m cool like that.



After they were done (too soon!) I walked over to their merchandise booth. I treated myself to a cool T-shirt and poster. I saw Andy right next to the booth, packing equipment, so I said hello and thank them for playing for us! Again, he’s such a sweet person. I can’t get enough of these guys! The girl that tours with them was super cool, and she helped me get over my fear of asking the guys to sign the poster for me… Thank You!! So, I got Gavin’s first and then he told me to just hang outside while they were packing, and the rest of the guys would be more than happy to hook me up. While they were packing their trailer, we talked to Andy for a while. He too, liked Portland, which makes us happy because that definitely means, more Paper Route in the future! He’s a funny dude. And then Gavin walked out of the donut shop next door, with this incredible looking vegan donut, with oreos and peanut butter on top, it looked amazing. lol. It even made the picture! Thanks Morgan, for taking the photo for me!!! Muchas, muchas, muchas gracias!!

withPR_bw5 copy

Andy, JT, Gavin, Chad and me!
Foto credit: Morgan. Camera: Amanda (thanks sis!)

So yeah, that pretty much concludes the story that someday, I’m sure to tell my grandchildren. Well, at least the part about Gavin’s amazing donut goodness. But no, really, this is definitely on my top five MOST AMAZING moments of my life. And I don’t even think words do it justice to describe it. Mischa, you know exactly what I mean!

I’ve known of these guys for a couple of years now, since that fateful day I found them on Virb, and I’ve grown to respect them so much… and now that I’ve gotten to meet the guys behind the music as well, my love and respect just keeps on getting bigger. Thank you for being the coolest, sweetest and down-to-earth guys that have won the hearts of many. Keep on making your sweet music and we can’t wait to see you back in Oregon!

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  1. Katie permalink
    May 14, 2009 5:58 PM

    You look fantastic in the photos! So happy you got to see your dream band–hooray for you! They are lucky to have a fan like you. Was there a card exchange? 😉

  2. Tia Yami permalink
    May 14, 2009 8:01 PM

    Yo ahora quiero saber los otros 4 momentos mas SANGRE!?? espero yo este incluida en ellos!! ja ja.

    Amorcito, que alegria saber que paso bonito y que conocio a su banda preferida, ellos cantan musica cristiana? Bueno amorcito todavia estoy nueva en esto no se como es que funciona.

    Y las fotos estan lindas no hay como B&W y especialmente porque se parece mucho a mi ja ja ja ja.

    Le adora Tia Yami

  3. MoMo permalink
    May 14, 2009 11:19 PM

    OH man.
    that was so fun meeting those guys and hearing them live FINALMENTE!
    I lovelovelove your little photos with the type on there. good stuff lady.

    Glad we could do this together!!!

    “Do I live like an absentee, all I care is that you reach for me.”

  4. Victorrrr permalink
    May 15, 2009 5:00 AM

    DUDE!! AWWEEESOMEEE!.. youre looking… *lick*… *slap*… *sizzle*… tsssss.. HOT!! ha ha

    love ya sista from the same… er…. mom. Okay that didnt fly very well.

    Peace out!

  5. amanda:) permalink
    May 15, 2009 11:55 PM

    sweet! thats awesome:)
    i’m also starting to like their music,but its
    still alitte new to me. ha

    see you soon!!


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