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the great houdini

October 7, 2009


Last night, we said good bye to a dear friend.
Our dog Cuddles was put to rest. She had gotten very ill in the last couple of days, and after taking her to the Vet, they found she was worst than we ever expected. This is not the first time we’ve lost a dear pet, but it was the first time our family had to make the decision to let her go, because her pain was too great.

Saying good bye to her was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

Cuddles was such a special little trickster, and we were blessed to have her for so many years. Her nickname was Houdini, because somehow, she managed to get out of the dog kennel and even dig her way out of the yard. One time, as I was driving away from home, I noticed this black dog on the side of the road, I slowed down in fear of it jumping right in front of my car. As I got closer, I was shocked to find out it was just Cuddles, wagging her tail, just chilling. I slowly stopped next to her, opened my door, called her name and she jumped right in. I was so amused by the idea of her little escaped, and seeing that she had no idea what to do with that freedom. And that’s just one of many Cuddle moments my family and I will always remember.

Christmas just won’t be the same.

I regret not spending more time with her when I visited home these last few years. It was very selfish of me to not dedicate more time to her and our other dog Wes. I’m sorry Cuddles…

I truly believe dogs go to heaven after they leave us. I hope St. Peter appoints her enough angels to keep an eye on her, she’s a ball of energy, with a personality you can’t help but love.

Love you girl, and we will miss you everyday.

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  1. amanda:) permalink
    October 8, 2009 3:20 PM

    😦 love you cuddles!!

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