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listen up, fall…

October 16, 2009


With the Fall comes, not only a wonderful color palette, but sounds that reminds us of hot coco, sleeping while it rains or reading a book under the covers. We get to wear sweaters, jeans and scarfs. I LOVE it. It also means, I get to go through my music, and select a few things to have in my car at all times.

Here are just a few of the tunes/albums that remind me of Fall.

Paper Route — Dance On Our Graves (life has gotten very tricky lately, and this song it’s almost like the prayer I can’t say out loud. Listen.)

Death Cab for Cutie’s
Transatlanticism — this is still my favorite DC album to date.
Original Soundtrack — I think it has to do with the fact that I started reading the books when it was cold and grey outside, and now I automatically make the connection.

As far as particular songs go…

Bon Iver — Skinny Love (one of his many sweet songs)

Metric — Help me, I’m Alive (acoustic version) (lately this one hits home… thanks for sharing morgan.)

Phoenix — 1901 (it’s everywhere now, but for the record, morgan shared the band a while ago, and this song is just a fun tune and I can’t get enough.)

Anya Marina — Satellite Heart (as you may all know—unless you’re living under a rock—New Moon comes out next month.. HOLLA! So, thankfully, we are now able to get the Official Soundtrack and listen our little hearts out. Anyways, to my point, Anya has this track on the album, and it’s just lovely.)

Also, new albums you should check out:

Paramore’s Brand New Eyes — Pretty much amazing. This album has made me really fall in love with them as a band, because they were angry, they worked it out, and they made music through it all… you can’t help but love the honesty and feeling in every song. Wonderful job ❤
MuteMath’s Armistice — They’re back, and better than ever. It’s a must have… so what are you waiting for?!
Muse’s The Resistance — Epic as always.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

So yeah, you may all not share my exact love for each song or album highlighted, but hopefully I was able to give you at least one new song, or artist to check out… just like my friends do for me.

What are you listening to lately?

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  1. October 16, 2009 8:22 PM

    Paramore, I’m always listening to them but I’m really into Paper Route, Relient K and mewithoutYou

    All awesome bands (:

  2. Morgan permalink
    October 26, 2009 9:19 AM

    Great music run down em! thanks for the shout out! I’m loving that bon iver is still rocking your world with skinny love cuz it’s one I listen to every day.

    The new moon soundtrack is pretty slick too… good stuff!


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