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February 26, 2010

We all need inspiration, or a place to say random things that could one day inspire us.
With this idea in mind, Katie and I began a visual tactile blog in the Fall of 2007.

In the beginning, we had each of us come up with anything on a 4×5 card to fill the entire black board. Well, as you will see, it has gone beyond the board and spilled right on to the office walls. This little hub of fun sits right behind me at work, and we just keep adding to it when we feel it’s a must 🙂

These are things we’ve gather in the last few years: our own ideas, music lyrics, quotes, design related goodness from blogs/artists we really like, and finally, we’ve collected the most random things that come up over the course of the day.

Random Friday share:
I think everyone needs a little bit of Aqualung in their lives.

Aqualung — Something to Believe In

Ok, go play and happy friday!


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  1. Katie Christine Sciarrino permalink
    March 1, 2010 1:30 PM

    “Hello Mom, it’s Neptune.” I love it! what would be even better is to fill the entire wall. I think we should work on that. Maybe move a few things from other wall to really get something going…!

    Great post my dear!


  1. can do « a work in progress

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