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tyrone wells in oregon

April 3, 2010

So Holy Thursday was a great one!

I went to mass at the Cathedral by a happy coincidence (!!) and I felt so lucky that I didn’t have to miss it. Next, I met up with the girls for manicures in honor of Alisa, just next door. And to top it all off, Tyrone Wells came back to Portland to play live at the Mississippi Studios. Yeah, it was a good day.

Once at the venue, we chilled in the eating/table area, and got this extremely spicy beans+rice, chilli, lentils combo to eat. I couldn’t handle the heat… We talked for a while, listened to Tony Lucca’s set (great sound sir!) and of course, the anticipation started to build up as Tyrone’s time to hit the stage got closer.

We made our way into the crowd around 9:20ish and right as we found a decent viewing spot, he came out to do what he does best.

Right off the bat, he meant business. With his first song, he got to beatbox for us, and I had to film away.

Yes, the rumors are true, the man yodels.

Mo wasn’t able to join us, and she loves this song.

I will remain
when everything changes
this truth will stay ageless

He shared cute and funny stories about singing at a people’s proposals, learning to yodel with his father, letting us know that his parents were IN the audience (how proud they must be), and a highlight for me was when he had the entire crowd say “happy birthday Alisa.” 🙂

Earlier in the day, I had messaged him, asking to please give Alisa a shout out for her birthday (which was yesterday!), but I didn’t say anything to the girls, just in case it wouldn’t work out. Well, Wendy had the same idea of asking right there, so at a good spot when he was getting a drink of water, I yelled out, “we have a birthday in the house!” Yeah… lol. So he asked for the name, how to properly pronounce it, which was very nice of him. So anyways, he got the crowd to join in the congratulations, and the show kept moving. It was a pretty cool moment for sure, he’s a sweetheart.

Remember I shared
More a while back?
Favorite Tyrone Wells song. Hands. Down.

He closed with some beautiful words, and a stunning live rendition of When All is Said and Done. Thank you so much for that Tyrone. I didn’t get to record it, but I found this wonderful live version from another show. So good.

After the show, we got to meet him briefly. It was awesome because he indeed had gotten my message, and he even wrote back, which I had missed! But nonetheless, it was such a neat experience to talk with him, and I will admit at being very starstruck, eek! He’s just so cool!!

So in conclusion, we had a great night, Alisa had fun, Mississippi Studios has insane acoustics, and Tyrone was brilliant on stage. He is hilarious, very thoughtful, and that voice… oh man, that voice! So if you ever have a chance to see him live, you MUST go.


UPDATE Group shot with Tyrone, courtesy of miss Wendy 🙂 thanks girly! xoxo

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  1. Alisa permalink
    April 3, 2010 10:46 PM

    Lovely post, Em. It was an amazing night with amazing friends. Tyrone is truly talented and a genuinely great guy. Thanks to all of you for a fun-filled and memorable birthday. Love ya.

  2. April 4, 2010 9:14 AM

    Your blog rocks! I had so much fun that night with you ladies. Tyrone is such a great performer and I’m so glad it was a small venue and we got to meet him after! Love ya, Em!

  3. Barnesy permalink
    April 22, 2010 5:34 PM

    Thanks for capturing my favorite Tyrone song on film! I seriously get chills and tear up every time I hear it. I’m sad I missed this evening! Glad to hear it was a splendid birthday for Alisa.

    “You say people are made of glass and dust…
    I will remain, when everything changes…”


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