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paper route back in oregon

April 6, 2010


So Lent wrapped up better than I could of imagined. On a side/personal note, it was the best one I’ve had, and for that I’m thankful. The day before celebrating Easter at church and with my family, I got to hang out with my favorite band and group of guys, EVER.

Paper Route came back to Portland, just like they said they would last year. It’s already Tuesday, and I’m still on a paper high and smiling ear to ear. So, get ready boys and girls, here goes a little story about one of the coolest days of my life.

Preparations to see the guys started days earlier, with an Easter idea I had on the way home one afternoon. Yes, candy filled eggs were involved, along with super adorable mini buttons (my favorite) for each of the guys, and a very special gift from the East Coast, via Mischa! I finished putting everything together Saturday morning before the show, and got myself ready to hit the road.

Once in Portland, I had to take care of the second part of the surprise, so I headed to Voodoo Donuts, of course. I always forget how delicious these donuts are, and how many people love them, that I was startled by the size of the line. I just prayed it would move along quickly. While waiting, I got to talking with a random couple of guys from Spain, and I see a familiar face walk right by us. It was none other than Gavin. I did a double take and yelled out his name. He turned around and greeted me with a hug and the same surprised look I had on my face. We chatted for a bit, he was just walking around before the show and reminded me about checking in at the front. I then had to spill the beans about the donuts surprise, just in case I didn’t make it to the start of their set at 7 o’clock! He was so funny and said, “don’t worry, donuts are more important,” and then he had to get back to the venue. The line started to move rather quickly, which was awesome, and then I saw Josh and Andy walking across the street!! The whole thing was just starting to feel more real.

Finding parking is a pain, and more so when you’re in a rush. Well, I finally found it three blocks away and started to speed walk my way to the Roseland. I walk in, they find my name on the list, get stamped, I can hear Are We All Forgotten busting through the walls, and I raced up the stairs to be greeted with crazy hot air, and Paper Route rocking out on stage. I quickly tried to make my way to the front of the crowd… yeah, that thought only lasted a few seconds, it was going to be impossible. So I rushed to the balcony area (yay for being 21+) and found a seat. I started to click away and sing along. I just couldn’t believe they were here playing again. What a great feeling.

Their set ended, far too soon for me, and yeah, I know I said this last time too! I then headed to their booth maybe hoping to find them there? Well, not such luck, BUT I did get to meet Jonathan, who is touring with them and he was super cool. (fun fact: he’s the one who is painting right outside of the Grantland house, in the Live sessions.) I got a couple of fun things and went back to my seat. The next act started playing and even thought I sat through a few songs, I will be honest, it just wasn’t my thing. Finally decided to just go for a walk, again, thinking I might run into them. (funny story: I spotted Morgan across Burnside, while on a bachelorette party with her friends, I had to call her and say a quick hello! lol) With Mischa’s help, I got a hold of JT and he told me to meet them outside of the venue, after the show. So, I grabbed the gifts from the car and walked back to the lobby and waited for the concert to be over.

While everyone was leaving in herds, I see the guys through the glass windows. They were selling albums, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, it was neat to see 🙂 I walked outside to wait for them, and Chad saw me and we said hello, and I told him I would be by the windows when they were done, no problem. So, at this point, I called Mischa (for the first time ever, mind you) and I started narrating everything that was going down outside the venue. I also got to talk to Felicia which was cool!

So, as the crowd was dispersing the guys started to come my way, and while they’re asking me how I’m doing, I say, “I’m talking to Mischa on the phone, here!” and hand over my phone to JT. While he’s talking to her, I got to officially meet Josh because last time I didn’t have the chance to. He, of course, is a sweetheart just like the rest of them. I reconvene with rest of the guys and JT hands me the phone, I then pass it to Chad! After they were done talking, I gave the pink box of donuts to the guys, while I said said good night on the phone.

It was freezing cold and the guys decided we needed to go inside. We walked around the corner, and I see this crowd of people waiting by the tour buses (for the main act), and we just walked through them, toward the gate. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, so I looked back at JT and he just directs me to follow the rest of the guys, and they tell security, “she’s with us.” YEAH, my stomach did a flip right there. On our speedy way to the building, I met Ron, who is such a funny dude!

Once downstairs, we just hang out in their waiting room… man, the roseland needs a NEW paint job in there? A whole remodel, if you ask me. I wish it had looked better for the guys. They all went to wash their hands, and then I gave them the 7th missing soda (looking at you Jules ;)) and Gavin and Josh were just cracking up. JT and Josh were the first to dig into the donuts and it was just amazing to sit back and see them so excited about the deliciousness that is Voodoo. It was cute, there were all sharing the couple different kinds 🙂

We talked for a long while about movies, music, work, tour, inspiration, life, silliness, it was all very chill and fluid… and the whole time I kept pinching myself, not really believing I was hanging out with my favorite band of all time. How did this happen?! I later proceed to reveal the second part of the gifts and placed the small bucket (which included Mischa’s bracelets), in the middle of the room and Andy started to hand out the eggs and Chad the bracelets. I tried to take every little thing in. It was perfect.

Not really sure for how long we hung out for, but I was just so grateful for their time and being soooo amazingly cool about talking to me, TO ME?! There were hugs, see you laters, and thank yous. And I’m still unable to comprehend how I got so lucky to know such an incredible group of guys who are beyond talented, and SO down to earth. I am truly blessed, these guys are a great positive light in my life and I will stand by that always.

So there you have it, not a little story after all, but if you stuck around ’til the end, I hope you enjoyed it. Check them out! Also, they’ll be going back into the studio this summer to work on new material, and that my friends, is VERY exciting 🙂 To all the paper girls and boys out there, have a blast seeing them live in the days to come!

THANK YOU Andy, Gavin, Chad, JT, and Josh for an incredible evening. You all are brilliant and I can’t wait to see you again.

Much love,


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  1. Maris permalink
    April 7, 2010 7:58 AM

    great story 🙂 thank you for sharing.
    now i REALLY wanna see them again!

  2. MJ_Q permalink
    April 20, 2010 5:29 AM

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing the details of your time with the band. I am eager to see them on tour in Boston and can only hope to have the chance to spend some time with the guys like you did. They make music that feeds my soul and the fact that they are so gracious to the fans makes the music all the more special. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    • April 20, 2010 5:45 PM

      hello MJ 🙂
      So excited that you’ll get to see them in Boston! I can’t believe how fast this tour is going, crazy. I’m glad they’ll get a break soon. I agree, they are so amazing toward their fans, and are such a hard-working group of guys. LOVE them. Have a fantastic time and make sure to get there early, early! because their set starts right away, and it’s pretty short compared to other times… so I noticed. Cheers!

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