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doctor who?

April 22, 2010

SOOO, I’ve found yet another thing to love on television… I know, I know, “why are you wasting your time watching tv Emily, when you could be reading a book, or walking outside.” Well, I already do all of those things, so one more guilty pleasure doesn’t make me feel, well, guilty.

Doctor Who, a British series loved by many around the world, debuted its 11th doctor this last Saturday (here in the US). I don’t have BBC America at my place, but my parents do, and while I was house-sitting I was able to watch the premier of this season. HOLY FLYING TIME LORDS, I’m totally diggin’ it.

I’ve always known about this series, but never really had the chance to watch an entire episode and really get into the story and the characters. You know it’s always tricky jumping in the  middle of something. Therefore, I found that watching the first episode, with the brand new Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), was a wonderful way to get into it. Now… it’s going to be tricky to keep up with the episodes, given the fact that I don’t get the channel, but please believe, I’ll figure out a way… after all, my mami loves me and she won’t mind recording it for me 😀 (fingers crossed).

I just absolutely love the episode on Saturday. It was witty, quick-paced, and out of the ordinary… a brilliant combination in my opinion. So anyhow, if you’re a fan, new or old, I hope you get to enjoy this new doctor.



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