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greg laswell in oregon

May 7, 2010


This was not planned.

Back in March, we found out Greg Laswell was coming to Oregon, and I made a note to myself: if possible, go see him. I didn’t have high hopes, just because taxes were cruel this year, and I would have to limit my fun funds. So, I tried not to think about it, hoping this would make me less gloomy about not going to see him. And then, this week happened.

On Tuesday, May 4th, Greg released his new album Take a Bow, and we were all looking forward to it! It also reminded me that I was most likely not going to his show… Well, that same morning, I entered a contest put on by Greg, for a chance to win tickets to his show on Thursday. I laughed at the chances of that ever happening . Well, literally minutes after, Katie hands me an envelope that read:

I was blindsided, given the fact that my birthday is next month, so it was such an incredible surprise!! All day I couldn’t stop smiling. Then Wednesday came, and with it, more surprises.

Nearing lunchtime, I get these two consecutive txt msg from Morgan telling me to check twitter, NOW. As I’m scrolling down, I see a reply from Greg himself, “You win. See you tomorrow night!…” and I lost it at the first two words. LOL. How does that work?! I quickly directed Katie to my screen, as I’m trying to keep cool (failing miserably) I reach for my phone and call Morgan to continue freaking out for a few more minutes. Long story short, after having zero hope of seeing him live this month, I was now going to see Greg with the two friends who are as much into his music, as I am, and this week went from blah to AAAAHH!!!

So yesterday, as  Katie and I are walking to the venue, I see an extremely familiar person walking toward us. “Is that Greg?” I point and ask Katie. “Yes, yes he is,” she says. We start to laugh, and as we get closer I say “Greg?” and he looked up and greeted us, and we introduced ourselves. 🙂 Katie told him I was one of the winners, because well, I didn’t really know what to say. He asked my name again, and then doubled checked his phone and shows me in the tiny screen, “oh look, you’re right at the top,” and sure enough, my name was on the list! OK, I thought, I didn’t make this up in my head after all.

The girls and I went to the balcony, and got really great seats, to relax and enjoy the opening acts, Brian Wright and Jimmy Gnecco. Brian was super, his voice and music are excellent, so give him a listen. And then, it was Greg time. 🙂 Here are a few shots, hope you enjoy them!

You can see Morgan to the right 🙂

Here, he performed a cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” I was hoping he would sing “This Woman’s Work” my favorite of his covers… incredible song.

It was great to see him play again. The first time was back in January 2008! He opened for Ingrid Michaelson, and we fell in love with his music right there and then. Will have to post some of those old photos some other time 🙂

Thanks Greg for being so nice and chatting for a few. You are incredibly brilliant and we’re so lucky to have your talent in this world. Best of luck on the road, safe travels, and here’s to amazing shows to come!

Morgan, Katie and I with Mr. Greg Laswell.



Such a wonderful concert experience, all around. I’m so blessed to have amazing friends I can share music with, and be able to meet artists who are down to earth and in love with their craft.


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  1. Katie Sciarrino permalink
    May 8, 2010 7:36 PM

    Once again great concert photos! I heart your camera. Excellent video too. Greg couldn’t have chosen a better contestant. Here’s to him and Ingrid, may they live by the blue bay and raise three girls all with strawberry curls.

    • May 17, 2010 2:01 PM

      I see what you did there… and I LOVE it 🙂

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