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yesterday you were here

November 23, 2011

Yesterday marked the 14th year of my arrival to the United States. It really never ceases to amaze me, how young I was and how I feared that if I blinked I might miss something, in this place so different from my previous home. It was a rainy night (how very Oregon), colder than I was used to, and our grandpa and friend Vern went to pick us up at the PDX airport, in his blue van. I remember waking up the next morning, thinking it had all been a dream. But once I walked outside, with my little brother (who is now 22), we just looked around in awe, seeing all of the different colors of the leaves. This wasn’t just another movie or picture book, I was actually in this new world, where Autumn comes once a year.

But most of all, I came to a new family who welcomed my brother and I with open arms. Something that helped us cheer up, by the fact that we had left other family back in Honduras. New grandparents and cousins who hugged us as if they had known us forever, and who said “you are family” without any words at all, but with their actions of love, kindness and humor.

I came as a wide-eyed 13-year-old, full of innocence and wonder; hoping to make new friends, and take advantage of every great opportunity that would come my way. A few of those things have changed over the years, but I hope that I continue to be full of wonder and eager to be a better version of myself, for many years to come.

And this, is one of the MANY things I’m grateful for, on this Thanksgiving season.




Ed Sheeran — Autumn Leaves


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