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December 23, 2011

I wanted to highlight my favorite musical finds of this year, and as a result, hopefully inspire you to find new music/talent you haven’t heard before.

2011 introduced a lot of “new artists” that in reality, have been working for years. It was this year though, when they really came out full force, and made us fall in love with them one note at a time.



James Vincent McMorrow
I came across his music in early March, and became an instant fan. I was lucky to see him live when he stopped in Portland, while on tour with The Civil Wars. The audience was completely enchanted with him from the first note of his opening set, til the end. He’s such a humble, funny, and talented guy. Hope to see him again.

James Vincent McMorrow — Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree


Andrew Belle
I can’t quite put my finger on when I became a Mr. Belle believer. I’ve had fun getting to know his music, and follow his kitchen adventures online. He was in Oregon earlier this year, but it turned out I couldn’t attend. 2012 will have to be the year! That’s also when he will hopefully be coming out with new music… I can’t wait!

Andrew Belle — The Ladder


Canon Blue
I honestly lose track of time and space, every single time I listen to Canon Blue. In my opinion, there should be a warning label on his album. “Listening will make you daydream. You may or may not remember what you are currently doing.” Yeah, that sounds about right. The way Daniel melts all of those sounds and lyrics into his songs, just amaze me. If you’re looking for a fresh take on music, and beautiful compositions… just hit play, my friend.

Canon Blue — Bows & Arrows


The Civil Wars
If there ever was a musical group you had to see perform live, The Civil Wars would have to be it. Hands down. I had the immense pleasure of seeing them at The Aladdin in Portland, back in June. It was my birthday month, so it was extra special. They are magical when they sing together, and an absolute delight in person. Truly brilliant. If they are performing in your town next year, please go see/hear them. Full credit to Andy Barron for the introduction to their music. 

The Civil Wars — Forget Me Not


Ed Sheeran
I could probably write ten posts about Ed Sheeran (I probably have…), and it still wouldn’t be enough to let you know how much I fancy this guy. His voice is insane. He’s a singer-songwriter with lots of soul, passion and drive. He’s as charming as they come, and he’s taking over the world, one song at a time. Even though he has been working for the past 4-5 years, this was his “made it” year. He’ll be coming to the US in 2012 (I get all giddy just thinking about it!). People won’t even know what hit them. You watch.

Ed Sheeran — Give Me Love


Do you have any new great finds you came across? Any acts you’re excited to see this coming year?
I think 2012 is going to be just amazing.


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