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gotye + kimbra in oregon

April 28, 2012


Sold out. New venue. Second round of tickets. Score! Date change.

After lots of craziness, one of the concerts of THE year made it to Portland. I was one of the lucky ones in the audience, singing along and staring at the beauty that are Wally (Gotye) and Kimbra.

I really lucked out on this one.

The evening started with a semi-long wait in the queue. A few rounds of Angry Birds and people-watching later, we were ready to go inside. The front of the venue filled up super quick, but thankfully since I was on my own, I was able to sneak near the front without making anybody angry. I got my camera ready, and counted down the minutes until Kimbra was ready to take the stage.


Kimbra was incredible. Her voice is amazing, and her energy on stage is contagious. Definetely my most memorable moment from her set, was singing along to “Settle Down.” For months, I had been singing it in front of my mirror or in the car, and there I was singing along with Kimbra herself. Loved every minute.

Also, I’d like to point out that we (Portland) got really lucky to have her perform. This was here second to last show supporting Gotye, so I was very grateful she got to come and sing for/with us!


Next up, was the brilliant Gotye. They blew our minds to pieces, and even the floors were vibrating with the sound the entire band was making. Wally’s vocals are so engaging, enchanting and simply stellar. They opened with “Eyes Wide Open,” and you knew it was going to be a show to remember, from the first note. 

we walk the plank with our eyes wide open.

The first song really set the tone for the rest of the night. One of the things that really made their performance super interesting, were the visuals projected on the screen behind the band. They were familiar cilps—from music videos we’ve seen online—or new “artwork” that went along with each song. It was amazing how in synced they were, the entire time. So brilliant.

Smoke and Mirrors

you’re a fraud, and you know it.

I think THE song that really got the ENTIRE place vibrating, including our insides, was “State Of The Art.” Never in my life had I heard such deep bass. Even my heart was dancing to the beat. Wally transformed his voice, becoming the voice of the Lowrey Cotillion. It was pretty funny when he used it to speak to us. So awesomely bizarre.

During “Thanks For Your Time” we all got to participate. Wally divided us in two sections, and we each had parts to sing. “Oh! Oh!” You could really tell they had fun playing this one live. At that moment, I realized I hadn’t had so much fun at a concert in such a long time. Bonus: the video graphics always crack me up.

Next, came the song most people know from the Making Mirrors album, “Somebody I Used To Know.” This also meant, we would get to see Kimbra once more! Her dress was so pretty, and they did such a wonderful job together. That was another “pinch me” moment for sure.

When it came time to perform “Bronte,” most of us tried to stay quiet. Of course there were those talkers (that I don’t understand), who buy tickets to a live show, and decide to talk the entire time… but I digress. Wally wanted us to be as still and silent as possible, and boy, it was the perfect song to do so. At least for those of us who did remain still and captivated by their sound.

I still get chills just thinking about it. So sweet. Makes me remember my grandma… lots.

it hurts to let you go.

“Hearts A Mess” is probably one of my favorite Gotye tracks—if there’s such a thing as picking a favorite amongst so many remarkable songs. It was fun to sing along with everyone, as loud as I wanted, and not caring if the person next to or in front of me, would care I was off key. I love everything about this song.

let me occupy your mind, as you do mine.

The encore bit was really fun. We clapped, stomped, yelled, and cheered, until the band took the stage once more. They really gave us an amazing night. Unforgettable, really.

I hope everyone that I know gets to experience Gotye live, in the future. I know their US tour is done for now, but when they come back, please do everything in your power to attend. AND where ever you may be in the world, I hope you get to see/hear the genius that is Wally de Backer do this thing, on stage.


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  1. April 30, 2012 12:50 PM

    I have had “Someone that I Used to Know” in my head all weekend. How was it live?!

    • April 30, 2012 2:52 PM

      It was pretty rad. I recorded a bit of it, but the bass was so intense (which you don’t get much of in the album version), that my video doesn’t do it justice. SO GOOD!

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