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ed sheeran in oregon

May 6, 2012


“Now I’m in town, break it down, thinking of making a new sound. Playing a different show, every night in front of a new crowd.”

This past week, I was lucky enough to meet one of my music heroes. Mr. Ed Sheeran was in Portland on Wednesday night, and he was spectacular.

Ed has been touring the US with the wonderful Snow Patrol, this year, and I was so excited to hear they were all coming to Oregon. I got my ticket right away, knowing well, this was a show I could not miss. And boy, am I glad I didn’t.

After work, I headed up north, all giddy inside. Once there, I got my ticket at will call and took my place in the queue. The wait was quite long, but I couldn’t really complain. I had been waiting for this day since last Fall, so a couple more hours were not going to be a problem. 

A bonus to this great day, was that I got to meet new friends. Through the love for Ed’s music, I got connected with Anne. She and her sis Katie, came down to the show—only a day after the Seattle gig itself—so I was so happy for the opportunity to finally meet them all in person! We also met Naomi from southern Oregon. Music, bringing people together. I love it.

Once inside, we made our way to the front of the venue, and we had pretty sweet spots amongst the sea of excited people. 

Finally, it was time for Mr. Sheeran to take the stage, and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

He opened with my favorite song, “Give Me Love.” I’d like to think he knew that, and wanted to do it for me… but I know that probably sounds very crazy, so we’ll just keep that between you and me, mmkay?!

Ed Sheeran — Give Me Love

It was Ed, his guitar, his mic and loppedal. It was just all so great.

He had lots of energy up there. It was really fun when he had us singing along with him, splitting the room in half and getting us all involved. His set was only 35 minutes, but they were pretty darn good 35  minutes, and the crowd loved him.  

Ed Sheeran — The A Team

Ed Sheeran — You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

Once he was done with his set, we made a beeline to the back of the venue. Earlier, he had announced an early departure to San Francisco, after his duet song with Snow Patrol. So, we knew we had a small window of opportunity see him afterwards! We took a seat by the merch table, I got myself a physical copy of his album + (which you can pre-order here!).

I rushed back up to the main area, to watch the incredible Snow Patrol. They were pretty epic. Every single person in that venue was having a blast.

When they played “Run,” I got chills from head to tow. I realized I had been waiting for this moment for eight years, since first time I heard their music. AH! 

Once Ed and Gary finished their song, I made my way down the stairs towards the front door; met up with the girls and got in line to meet Ed. Ah! He was there, right there…

Naomi got to meet him before anyone could! It was so awesome. As she was going back inside the venue to warm up for a bit, there he was, coming outside. I loved the big smile on her face. Great timing!

When it was my turn to meet him, my mind went blank. Why does this always happen to me? I said hello and introduced myself (thank goodness actual words came out of my mouth). I was going in for a handshake, and he greeted me with a big hug instead. Uhmm, can he be any more awesome? We talked for a bit about the tour, and when he’ll be back (btw: this Fall. Fingers crossed!). I didn’t want to take too long, there were lots of people behind me. At the end of our small encounter I nearly walked off without having my picture taken. I was just too overwhelmed with sincere happiness. Classic Emily move. Thankfully, both Anne and Ed reminded me. HA! Yikes!


After me, it was Anne and Katie’s turn. They wanted to do a fun, silly photo with him, and he was SO game. I loved it. They also had another photo with him, where he took Katie’s phone and took the picture himself. It was priceless.

After we all met him, we stood by the entrance, just talking and trying to make sense of the last 20 minutes or so. I couldn’t stop giggling… the girls will attest to this. I tend to do that when I’m in disbelief of something… this was one of those times. While we were deciding to go back inside and watch SP, or head out and debrief about the evening, Ed walked right by us.

I honestly was expecting him to walk by and wave goodbye, since he needed to be on the road to SF asap… but alas, he stopped and chatted with us for a few more minutes. I would of paid big money to have someone record all of our expressions, while he was standing right next to us… right next to me.

He was so lovely in person. Gracious. Cool. So humble, and absolutely genuine. He focused on each and every person he met. He didn’t do that wandering-eyes thing, some people do when you first meet them. He took the time to meet everyone, answer their questions, and take pictures with them—lots of times, taking matters into his own hands, and grabbing their phone to do it himself!

After we said our goodbyes, we walked back inside, and caught the end of Snow Patrol’s show. It was perfect. They finished the night with “Just Say Yes.” I was a happy girl.

The drive back home was a breeze. I was tired beyond belief, but it was SO worth it. I had met Ed Sheeran, and everything was right in the world.

Thank you Ed! We hope to have  you back in Oregon, very soon. 




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  1. May 7, 2012 12:02 PM

    I’ll be listening to Mr. Ed today—and of course he’s a cutie. Are all male singers attractive?


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