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canon blue in oregon

May 23, 2012


I’ve been on cloud nine for the past 10 days.

Two Sundays ago, I got the chance to see one of the greatest bands ever, live and up-close. Here’s a bit about the day I met the lovely Canon Blue.

This month I’ve been looking for a new apartment in the big city. It’s been a challenging time, but the excitement of being in a new place also makes all of the headaches worth it. That Sunday was no exception to my weekly search, the only difference was the wonderful treat awaiting at the end of the day. A live music show. My favorite kind of reward.

In the early evening, I headed to the Doug Fir to see Canon Blue open for The Boxer Rebellion—a show I had been waiting for, since last year. I must admit, I hadn’t heard TBR until that night, but boy, they throw a darn good show. Look them, if you haven’t yet.

My main mission though, was to catch CB while they were in town, and I had high hopes to meet the man himself, Daniel James. I was so excited/nervous the entire time driving there. The rest of the evening was pretty amazing.

Once we were let inside, I sat at one of the tables, anxiously waiting for 9 p.m. to arrive— but lucky me, I wouldn’t have to wait after the show, to meet Dan. On my way to get a glass of water, I saw him at the merch booth, so I built up the courage and went to say hello. Much better than H2O.

It’s an odd thing, meeting your music heroes, simply because they are such a huge part of your daily routine, and/or influence the way you feel about a lot of things. But at the end of the day, they’re just like you and me, making the art they love so much. But still, I can’t help getting butterflies in my stomach every time I say hello for the first time.

I’ve been listening to Canon Blue since last summer, thanks to Paper Route, Mischa and Felicia, and a wonderful day in New York City. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why I love CB so much… the sound and the lyrics just connect me with the memories I’ve made with friends. It’s something you can’t really explain, but totally understand… Right?

At any rate, I was thrilled to just say hello to him, but we started talking about how I first heard of his music, our Paper Route buddies, and the tour they’ll be doing together, etc. I’m still sad I don’t live on the East coast for those shows, so for the time being, I’ll live vicariously through my friends who ARE attending. And, who knows, perhaps the rest of the country (Oregon) will be lucky to see them all together in the future! I would go. In a heartbeat.

After our little chat, I went back to my seat, a bit before their set. I probably had this silly I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened smile, plastered on my face the entire time… I’m glad the lights were dim. (Mischa will surely giggle about this… hehe)

Once the guys took the stage, I was in complete awe of what amazing sound they were producing. I knew I would love it, but it took me a little while to accept I was actually there, seeing Daniel singing/playing in front of me! I love it when live show experiences blow your mind, and allow you to fall in love with your favorite bands/singers, all over again. That’s exactly what they did for me.

Here’s Graham, ruling the drums with no mercy. He was rocking out the entire time. LOVED it. Super talented guy. I had the pleasure of talking to him after the show. Super friendly and warm. He mentioned his other music project, The Meanwhiles, so I’ve been listening to a few of their songs online. (Will be posting about them later!) Sounds like an album is in the works. Can’t wait!

Vince was the other band member who is playing with Dan on this tour. I got to talk to him in between their and BTR’s set. Very chilled dude. He’s another singer-songwriter from the East coast, and he’s making a new record in August, so, watch out for that in the future! His musical projects are Army of Me and River James, pretty awesome stuff.

Here’s a track from Rumspringa, his full-length album. You must get it.

Canon Blue — Bows & Arrows (Vegas)

In conclusion, it was a beautiful evening, with amazing music and great company. Thank you Dan, for coming to Oregon! I can’t wait to see you play live again. That day can’t come soon enough. It was nice to meet you, Graham and Vince. Wish you guys the best on the upcoming June dates—sounds like y’all are going to have a blast!

Massive creative crush on this guy. I was in love with his writing, music and voice before… and now that I’ve met his sweet self, in person… Oh my goodness.


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  1. May 24, 2012 9:58 AM

    Dearest Emily, you must marry a musician. ❤

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