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July 16, 2012

So thankful for wonderful summer days, and lots to do between sunrises and sunsets. 

Things. Places. Important people. A dash of sun. Perfection.


Some people call it running. I call it, “lets see what new streets I can find today!”


Every run needs a soundtrack. JT Daly is my companion, along with the wind in my hair, and ground beneath my feet.

JT Daly — Memory


Commuting is fun when you have pretty afternoons like this.


Took my first Max ride this weekend; on my own, might I add. It was cool and I didn’t get lost. Victory!


Visited the much talked about Mississippi Street Fair, and I completely loved it. There were tons, and tons, and TONS of people, food and art/crafty booths. They had several stages for music acts. So many great local musicians. The experience was completed by hanging with great friends, and getting shaved ice. YUM.


At the street fair, I got to see the awesome Slater Smith (The Weather Machine) perform. An adorable little girl sat next to me, and she was completely mesmerized by him. The look of concentration on her face was the best, and after each song, she’d clap along with her tiny hands. The cutest thing ever.  

Here’s a little taste of his music. Such a lovely singer-songwriter.

The Weather Machine — Slow Dance Slow (acoustic)


After grabbing a bite to eat, the ladies and I drove up to the Rose Gardens. I had never been, so this was a fun treat for me. It was the most incredible way to finish up the day.

The winner of them all? Sweetness Grandiflora. For both, smell and looks. GORGEOUS.


Happy Monday TO YOU.


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  1. July 17, 2012 9:24 AM

    I was wondering if you ended up going to the street fair since I never heard back from you. Looks like it was fun.

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