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david ramirez in oregon

August 28, 2012

It wasn’t planned and it nearly didn’t happen, but I had the pleasure of seeing David Ramirez live a couple of weeks ago, here in Portland.


The show was at Alberta Street Public House, one of the coolest venues I’ve been to here in the city. It’s small, looks like it used to be an old chapel, with a mixture of pews, tables and chairs. My friend Morgan and I grabbed one of the tables on the side, and waited anxiously in our seats for the show to begin.

David is a singer-songwriter from Austin, TX. To me, his sound/voice really reminds me of Johnny Cash. A man and his guitar. His music has a bit of folk, blues, country, and even a bit of gospel, infused with his personal touch. His lyrics also hit home, more times that I can count. You can’t help but sing along and feel the longing in every line, in every word.  

My first introduction to David’s music happened a year ago, through SerialBox Presents sessions. One listen, and I was hooked. They also did a great interview with him, and you can really tell how humble and honest this guy is. Getting to chat briefly with him, after the show, made that statement even more true. He was very nice, friendly and polite. I’m glad we stuck around a bit longer after his set, to get a chance to meet him.

David Ramirez — Shoeboxes

I’m already looking forward to the next time he comes back to Portland.

It was so lovely to meet you, David. And hey, if you ever need someone to tackle the guy who gives you the “five more minutes” gesture, I’m your girl.

(thanks Mo, for snapping this pic!)


NOW, getting down to the best part.

Today marks the release date of David’s album Apologies. It has been streaming on a couple of sites since yesterday, and I must say, it’s one to have on repeat. You can get the album on iTunes, and be on your way to amazing tunes for the rest of the week. Grab it here!!

Davide Ramirez — An Introduction


David Ramirez — Stick Around (Fun fact: the video was directed by the talented and awesome Ryan Booth, from SerialBox Presents. See, we come full circle. I love it.)


Let me know what you think! And I hope you get the chance to see him live. It will really be one of the best shows you’ll attend. He’s something special.


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