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September 25, 2012

September has given us amazing music releases, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it. Out now (in the UK), is Lucy Rose‘s debut full length album, “Like I Used To.”

Credit: Lucy Rose

I found her music back in January, and yet, I feel like I have been a fan for years. Her voice is the sweetest, and her songwriting is some of the best around. Love her videos too. You’ll see a common thread of storytelling by the usage of everyday footage, very organic, and almost unintentional. They’re not overproduced, and that sweet simplicity is hard to find, or create nowadays—with so many exaggerated videos out there. You know the ones.

I can’t wait for her to tour the US soon. Definitely not missing her when she stops in Portland. So, you better keep up and listen up. Here you’ll find “Like I Used To” streaming online, which is a nice treat since it’s not available for purchase in the US via iTunes yet… soon enough though. I’ll keep you posted, don’t you worry. xo

Lucy Rose — Shiver


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