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estamos de regreso

November 1, 2012

Welcome to November.

Yeah, we’re nearly done with 2012, and I can hardly believe it. Weren’t we just celebrating the new year, full of hope for what it would bring? Well, so far, it’s been quite the ride. Lots of ups and downs, and a few side-to-side shakedowns. I’ve been enjoying 2012, been challenged by it until I’m in tears, and am completely in love with it at the same time.

With that, lets get this blogging thing started up again. I apparently ignore my poor blog, for the ENTIRE month of October. Not that things didn’t happen, because trust me, it was quite the crazy month. I even started a list of things I’d like to share and discuss in the near future, I just chose to not make time and get organized… to be quite honest. So, lets see, in the next few days you’ll be seeing a couple concert posts, music shares, random finds and whatever else pops into my head. Come along if you wish, it should be fun :0)


Lets get back into the groove of things with a music share, shall we?
Been listening to this nonstop. Ed Sheeran shared it earlier this week. Just perfect.

Matt Corby — Brother


coming soon.

paper route visits.

ed sheeran gig.

switchfoot live


Ok, just wanted to say hello again.

As you were.

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  1. November 2, 2012 8:30 AM

    I noticed you took a break and I missed you. Why to kill it with that music share. I like.

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