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November 30, 2012

It’s finally Friday. Phew.
Here are a few things to share, as we wrap up the week.



This week, my buddy Slater launched the Kickstarter campaign for his band The Weather Machine and the making of a new album, in collaboration with Kiwanda Sound Recordings. He’s a wonderful singer-songwriter from Portland. I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform a few times this year, and it always feels like the first time listening to him. Slater is a great storyteller and that comes across in each of his songs. So, hop on over to KS and help out! Every bit counts.

Here’s one of my favorite songs of his. Love it. Give a it a listen.


getting crafty.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredibly talented people, and my friend Katie is one of them. She and her bestie Amber have a booth at the Town & Country Christmas Bazaar this weekend! The bazaar will take place in Albany at the Linn County Fair & Expo. I’m so excited to stop by, and see all of their beautifully and HANDMADE baby goodness.

Katie so kind to let me collaborate with her on a few baby shower thank you postcards (that’s a mouthful). I had a blast getting crafty on my time off. Thanks Katie! If you’re in the area, or wouldn’t mind driving down to Albany, you should check it out!


le films.
And lastly, since I keep talking about things I love, I must say that I’m excited about the Zombie love story Warm Bodies that will be coming to us next year. The hopeless romantic and zombie lover in me is pretty stoked for this. Finally, a Valentine’s Day movie made for me! Take note, people.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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