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ed sheeran — 2012 tour (portland, or)

February 9, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this is SUPER, beyond, are-you-kidding-me kind of LATE. But better late than never, right?

Last year, on October 5th, I had the immense pleasure of seeing the wonderful Ed Sheeran in concert, for a second time. (First was in May—met him, and all that good stuff. It was rad.)

He stopped in Portland and played an incredible show at The Roseland. He brought with him a couple of friends to sing with him (Passenger and Selah Sue), and they all made that night so amazing and filled with jaw-dropping moments. 


Apart from getting to see Ed perform live, I also got to spend time with my new, and lovely friends from Seattle, Anne and Katie. They’re the awesome sisters behind Ed’s #1  (and first US) Twitter fan page, and one of the reasons why so many people in the world know of his music. I was so pleased to have them come down to Portland for the show.


I continue to find that the music artists I’m really passionate about, keep on bringing amazing people into my life, and Mr. Sheeran is no exception. We had a blast walking to the venue, standing in line, watching the younger girls scream with excitement when someone would step out of Ed’s bus (and it wouldn’t be Ed); or hearing them talk amongst themselves about how ecstatic they were to be there, and how much they wanted to marry him—you know, normal stuff. It was quite fun, to take it all in.

Fun fact: We got to see Mike (aka Passenger) while he was returning to the venue after a little shopping. As he was re-entering the venue, we happened to be right at the back gate. We worked up the courage, and playing it totally cool, and said hello. He was super friendly. Made us even more excited to get in the venue to get the show started.

Ok, ok. I’ll stop talking for now and start sharing some pics. Enjoy!



Selah Sue went on stage first. She was incredible. Her voice was insane, and her songs amazingly raw and with lots of heart. Make sure to check her out. Her song Break is one of my favorites.



Next, was Passenger‘s turn. He’s one of Ed’s best mates and I was so excited he got to come along on this US tour. I had been listening to his music for a few months before the concert, so I was so glad I got the chance to see him live. We were able to catch up with him a bit after the show too. A total gentleman. Looking forward to having him back in Oregon, soon, I hope. 





And finally, Mr. Ed Sheeran came to the stage. Let me tell you, this man knows how to open a show. He’s so good and energetic, that I think everyone in the business should watch him and take notes. THAT amazing.

He opened with “Give Me Love” one of my top favorites, if not my TOP favorite Ed Sheeran song.











He really loves to talk to the crowd, and get us involved in the performance. This section sings this, this side of the room that. It was quite fun to sing, and often dance, alongside him. His “tuning my guitar” bit was pretty amazing too. Too funny.












For a part of the show, Ed brought Mike and Selah Sue out, to sing a Mike/Passenger song called My Heart’s On Fire. Talk about perfection and one of the sweetest songs you’ve ever heard. It truly was one of the biggest highlights of the night.










After the show, we headed to the back of the venue, hoping to see and talk to Ed. We got word that he was not going to come outside to meet people, so little by little, everyone started to leave. But not us, no sir.

A small group of us stuck around for a bit longer, you know, playing it cool. Tots cool. And thankfully, our optimism paid off, and he was able to meet the few of us that were still there. This time around we couldn’t take pictures with him or talk much—he was just not feeling well. But honestly, just getting to see him and say hello was enough, and so sweet of him to do. I was excited to tell him how freaking fantastic the light design was (I’m such a nerd), and asked him for a tiny favor. My friend Katie’s birthday was that day, and I was seeing her the next morning, so I wanted him to sign her birthday card. He was so nice about it. Totally made the card that much awesome.


We all said our goodbyes, and he was just the sweetest ever. I honestly believe he’s one of the FEW artists that has ‘made it’ and is still his humble, and amazing self, from his earlier days. He’s young, he’s talented, he’s doing amazing things in the music world. You can expect LOTS more from Ed. Trust me.

And with this super late blog post, I say: Good luck and congratulations on your Grammy nomination, Ed. May you have a wonderful time at the show, and performing for your peers. You’re brilliant, and I’m glad the ENTIRE world is seeing that. 

Until next time.


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  1. February 11, 2013 9:52 AM

    And a very special birthday card it is! Thanks again. Ed is a treasure. I’m listening to Passenger right now (the tiniest bit of him sounds like James Blunt, in a good way). Never to late for a concert post, never.

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