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turn back time

February 21, 2013

Welcome to another musical Thursday. I hope your week has been treating you well. What have you been listening to so far? Can you believe we’re just a day away from the weekend? Is the sun coming to stay soon? Will the rain ever stop? Why is the sky blue? So many questions!

the way2

Today’s lovely share is by the equally lovely Lucy Rose. If you haven’t been paying attention, I’m totally all about Lucy’s music. Her voice is the sweetest, and every single one of her songs has the ability to resonate with you, long after it has ended.

This particular track is possibly my all time favorite Lucy song. That of course, it’s difficult to say when it comes one of your favorite singer-songwriters ever, but I’m willing to put it out there. I find that it relates to the absence of someone you once loved, cared for and had a wonderful connection with… a family member; an old friend; that guy or girl you fell for, long ago… So many meanings, so many feelings. Whoever it may be in your life, I hope we can at least remember the good things about that relationship—how special they made us feel in that moment in time. 


Lucy Rose — Shiver

I can’t wait for when she tours all of the United States, specially Portland, of course. Fingers crossed!
You can get her album “Like I Used To” here. It’s one you must own.
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