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maybe in our lifetime

February 28, 2013

Happy Musical Thursday everyone! I hope this week has been both productive and enjoyable, for you.


I had the pleasure of seeing the brilliant A Silent Film, live at Mississippi Studios on Monday night—talk about starting the week with a bang! I had the best time dancing, singing along, and hanging with the guys a bit after the show. Truly wonderful group of people. Blog post to come later.

With that said, today’s music share comes from ASF, and I think you’ll really dig it. The song is called “Reaching the Potential,” and it’s from their Sand & Snow album. This track is quite beautiful and appropriate at this particular time in my life. We get to that point when we start to question and wonder about our current life choices. Are we doing what makes us happy? Are we the best versions of ourselves? Are we fighting for our dreams? Some of us have to ask these questions constantly, otherwise, we might lose sight of what really matters.

A Silent Film — Reaching the Potential


Let me know of any songs you’ve heard lately, that have inspired you to take an active roll in your everyday happiness. Music is magical like that, don’t you think? I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to the weekend ahead. Get outside, call a friend, eat some chocolate, and don’t forget to say thank you for another day.


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