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up in flames

December 19, 2013


Hello there!

Long time no post. Yikes.
Lots of exciting things happening on this end, which have left me super busy and unable to focus on this blog. Sad, sad. Lets remedy that by sharing some music, shall we?

I’m here to share a playlist, filled with songs I’ve been listening to for the last two months. Are you ready? Duh, of course you are. 


Lorde — Tennis Court
Completely obsessed with her album, Pure Heroine.


Lily & Madeleine — Come To Me
Absolutely love these girls. Really hoping to see them live in the new year.


The Saint Johns — Your Head & Your Heart
Love, love, love. That is all.


The Weather Machine — Back O’er Oregon
Incredible video of our pretty Oregon. My buddy Slater travel far and wide for this, and the results are lovely.


Hozier — Take Me To Church
Very haunting and beautiful.


Paper Route — Say My Name (Destiny’s Child cover)
PR has been doing pretty rad covers lately, and this one just takes me back to my HS years. Too awesome.


White Lies — Bigger Than Us
Oldie but goodie. This is one of the first WL songs I heard, and still my favorite. 


Happy Thursday y’all!


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