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January 11, 2014


How are we doing, fine people of… well, I don’t know where you are, but I hope life is going good.

Things are moving along (and fast), on my end. I’m working at a new place, keeping up with extracurricular activities here and there, and trying to get some personal projects started—so, it’s a pretty exciting time to say the least! I just wish I could sleep a bit more… I’m tired, but sleep isn’t coming easy lately, and when it does it’s filled with annoying nightmares. Oh joy! But enough of that, how about we get started with some fun shares? You in? Ok, here it goes.


dreamy tune.
I’m a huge Wally De Backer fan, so I was happy to find this song last month/year in collaboration with Spender (writer and producer). Very beautiful lyrics, and sweetly performed as always. 



This has to be my favorite song from Queen B’s latest album. I think it may be the most important song on that entire album. What do you think? Listen up.

Beyonce — Pretty Hurts


nerd alert.
Sherlock starts back up again on the 19th of January, on PBS, and I CANNOT WAIT. Are you a fan? Have you seen this mini episode? Watch: Many Happy Returns.


beautiful tune.
Mr. James Vincent McMorrow is releasing his new album Post Tropical, next week (Jan. 14th). “Red Dust” is just a gorgeous track. Chills. Give it a listen.


Feliz Año Nuevo! May you have a wonderful and rewarding new year.


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